5 Tips to Posing For A Photoshoot

This is one of the most commonly asked questions – how do I pose in front of the camera. Let us now help you answer this million dollar question.

It may sound technical initially but with more practice in front of the mirror or with the help of your friend, you will be a pro in no time. And of course, we will be there to guide you as well!

Tip #1: Separate Hands From Body

It sounds strange but many people like to put their hands together with their body. It’s not that you can’t. But the end result is that if you squish your arms onto your body, you will only make your arm look bigger. We’re sure this is not what you want.

If your arms and body are slightly apart, you will look slimmer. If you really must touch your body, then let only your fingers touch your waist.

Tip #2: Do The Twist

Frontal will always you look bigger. For the petite ones, this is good news. But for the bigger sized ones, this is a double whammy.

If you want to appear slimmer, turn your body to the side with your shoulders facing the camera and your hips will seem slimmer as well.

Tip #3: Use Your Fringe

Photography is all about capturing you in the best possible light. We want to depict the natural, authentic you in the pictures; and not rely on heavily edited images. That defeats the spirit of true photography.

If have a large forehead, do not expose it. Instead, you should use your fringe to cover your forehead. Similarly, if you have a round face, never tie a ponytail as it will only enhance the roundness. Work your fringe to your advantage.

Tip #4: Relax Your Shoulders

Frozen shoulders seem to be a popular yet alarming trend in the workplace in recent years as long hours of sitting in front of the computers have taken a toil on our trapezius muscles. The same applies for a photoshoot.

Keep your shoulders relaxed so they look natural. Do not hunch. Hunching will make you look shorter. Worse, it projects an image that you are lazy, defeated and disinterested. You certainly don’t want this for your photoshoot, right?

Should you be sitting, remember to sit up straight…Slouching into the chair will give the same negative image to others as mentioned above.

Tip #5: Work Your Smile

Most casual photoshoots are fun shoots. Therefore, smile! Smiling naturally can be tough for some people. A useful tip would be to recall something funny. The recollection of this memory will relax your facial muscles and make you flash your megawatt smile.

We hope these tricks and tips will help you out. We’ll love to hear from you. Till then, have fun at your next shoot!