5 Tips For A Great Corporate Portraiture Shoot

Confused about what to wear for your corporate shoot? Do not fret as we will gladly dish out fashion advice for you to get ready for your corporate portraiture. We have checked with our in-house image consultants and here’s what they have to say.

Tip #1: Look Professional

As the name suggests, this is a corporate shoot. There is thus no excuse for not getting all dressed up professionally. T-shirts, jeans and sneakers are definitely out.

If you are a lady, you could wear a suit jacket or formal cardigan with crisp shirt, blouse or shift dress. Do not show too much skin as you know the purpose of this shoot is more catered to corporate.

If you are a guy, dress according to Justin Timberlake’s hit song. Yes, wear a suit and tie. Never wear an ill-matching suit. Instead, the suit must make you exude professionalism. Avoid loud ties like Mickey Mouse ties or skeleton heads. Stripped ties or ties with simple motifs would look great on a neatly pressed Oxford cotton long-sleeved business shirt.

Tip #2: Pay Attention To Your Shoes

While much attention is on your dress and suits, there is often one area that is neglected. We’re talking about the shoes. Trust us – your shoes can either complete your look or destroy it.

It is a sin to not pay attention to what we term the ‘finishing touch’. In fact, for a corporate shoot, ladies should only wear heels. It can be a pair of kitten heels (1.5 inch) or something up to 4 inches. Anything above that is what models would wear on the runway.

For guys, make sure your black Oxford laced-ups or slip-on loafers are neat and presentable. No, they don’t have to be shiny black like national service standards.

Tip #3: Do Not Over Accessorise

This is a literal shoutout to the ladies. Accessories can up your glam factor. But do not over accessorise as you may look like a walking Christmas tree. Yes, our team of image consultants have shared that anything more than eight accessories is considered in excess.

Remember that less is more.

Tip #4: Remember to Smile

Different people take corporate shoots at different points in their lives. Some may want an updated look if they intend to climb further up the corporate letter. Or they may be fresh school leavers wanting to impress by attaching a professional photo alongside their resume.

Whatever your purpose is, remember to smile during the shoot. A smile is perhaps one of the most precious assets we all possess. By simply smiling, you are sending a silent signal to your prospective hirer that you are friendly and will make a good teamplayer. Nobody would want to hire a grumpy or frowning person.

Tip #5: Have A Good Hair Day& Matt Skin

Make sure you are picture ready. You may be suited up but if your hair is not properly waxed or gelled, you are still going to look like you just got out of bed.

Similarly, ladies should go for a simple bun or choose a simple style. If you need to tong your hair, then go that extra mile to get it done. Besides a simple hairdo, light makeup cannot be over-emphasised for ladies. Do not come over dolled up, but neither do you want to shoot sans makeup. Foundation, powder and concealer are must-haves.

And for guys who tend to have oiler skin than their female counterparts, it is advisable to use a paper blotter to blot your face before your shoot so as to avoid a very shiny forehead or nose. The very act of blotting will help give you matt skin.

As competitive as the real corporate world may be, do not be over-stressed as a corporate portraiture shoot is a far cry from it. Come prepared and project professionalism in all of your shots.