4 Tips To A Fuss Free Photoshoot

As part of its ‘Groom Me’ grooming workshops for final year students, we were honored to partner Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Engineering in today’s exclusive photoshoot.

It did not come across as a big surprise that it was the first time for all the students. For this simple reason alone, we felt it would be good to share 4 tips to a fuss free photoshoot.

Tip #1: Iron Your Clothes

As we shoot in high resolution using a top-end DSLR, any imperfection can be zoomed in with much clarity. Therefore tip number 1 must be to iron your clothes! Creases can be easily seen under the scrutiny of the lens. It is that obvious.

Tip #2: Be Prepared

The first time is always memorable. It can also be nerve-wrecking. Remember your first date? Yes, it’s something along those lines.

Despite the photoshoot being your first time, do come prepared. Check your poses in the mirror and relax your body. Stiff, unrelaxed shoulders plus an angry face will not help matters.

Tip #3: Wear A Mask The Night Before

This may sound silly but trust us. A simple paper sheet mask (which is relatively affordable) the night before the shoot is the secret to glowing complexion in front of the camera the very next day.

If you can, sleep early too so you look fresh!

Tip #4: Enjoy The Process

This is perhaps the most important tip. One turns up at the photoshoot venue not as a hostage, but as a participant. So act like one.

Enjoy the process. How many times in life do you get to do a photoshoot? Chances are slim unless you are a model or on your wedding day.

To sum up, good memories will last forever. Add today’s photoshoot in your memory reel too =)