3 Tips To Smile Naturally During A Photoshoot

The universal language is not English. It is the smile. The smile is one of best assets so let’s use it in our photoshoots to capture every happy moment.

Everyone has a natural smile. In order to give your best during the shoot, you have to use this gift which is inherent in you.

For photoshoots, it’s not always about the serious look. In fact, even corporate portraitures we take nowadays see our clients showing a little smile. Just think about it – a smile does break the ice and sends a message that you are friendly and approachable. Imagine sending in a resume with a stern looking photo.

The best tip we can offer everyone is to smile during a photoshoot. It’s your moment…so relish it. And capture that happy moment forever.

This is a fact – you use 10 facial muscles when you smile…as opposed to only 6 muscles when you frown. So choose to smile.

We are not asking you to fake your smile for the camera. Instead, follow these three simple tips and you will come across as someone genuine, warm and sincere. In fact,these three tips can be used anytime, anywhere.

Step #1: Think of Happy Moments

Whatever made you happy in the past is worth remembering. Truly. Think of that special moment. It could be your best birthday celebration.Your first kiss? Or the birth of your child? That special moment IS special because it gives you a warm,fuzzy feeling knowing you have been loved or touched.

Recall this special moment and it will bring a natural, spontaneous smile across your face.

Step #2: Smile With Your Eyes

No, there is no typo mistake. Yes, you should smile with your eyes. As professional photographers, we can spot fake smiles from natural ones.

When you are really smiling, not only will your lips part themselves; so too will your eyes literally light up. That is the essence of a natural smile. Both eyes and mouth are smiling simultaneously.

Step #3: Say “Hee”

Saying “cheese” is perhaps the biggest mistake of it all. Cheese is for mice, not for humans. When you say “cheese”, you in fact feel so cheesy and uncomfortable.

Try saying “hee” instead. There is a reason why we are asking you to do so. According to the dictionary definition, “hee” denotes extreme happiness or a simple form of laughter. Just pause and think about it – when you are happy or laughing, will you be smiling? Or will you be frowning? When you say “hee”, not only will you be smiling, you will also be sending a positive energy current throughout your body and that is infectious!

Smile and show the world how captivating your smile can be. Convey confidence,optimism and friendliness with this asset of yours today.