3 Tips to A Great Photoshoot

You booked your photo shoot with a professional photographer. And we know you are all excited looking forward to that day. Different people experience different emotions. If this is your first time, we are sure you will be feeling super nervous. This is not surprising as you may not know what to expect, how to pose and of course the end products.

To help you alleviate your fears and set you at ease, the team at PhotoshootSingapore.com have come up with three tips to a great photoshoot. Read on and feel free to share it as well if you have found it useful.

Tip #1: Get Groomed

Like it or not, people judge us by our outward presentation. Be sure to cut or trim your hair one week before the shoot so that it looks more natural. Unless it is an avant garde type of shoot, avoid trying a dramatic new hairstyle too close to the shoot as you never know if it will suit you.

From hair, let’s move downwards to your clothes. Ensure the clothes you are wearing are not too loud in both colours and styles.

Remember, the attention should be on you and not your clothes.

Pre-selecting your clothes early is also advantageous to you so you can check if it is appropriate for the type of shoot.

Tip #2: Start Practising

You probably know this. Practice does make perfect. So practise, practise, practise.Always practise in front of the mirror before a photoshoot so you can ensure you look as natural as you can be while striking a pose in front of the camera. Or if you would like feedback, then practise in front of your family or best friend.

Look for a pose that flatters you most and keep practising it until it becomes second nature to you whenever you are asked to pose in front of the camera. For more information, check out our blog article titled “5 Tips to Posing for a Photoshoot”.

Tip #3: Rest Early

The old saying that rest is the best restorative medicine holds true. If you know you have a photoshoot the next day, you need to sleep early the night before. If you sleep late, we are sure you will feel tired the next day. And worse, your eyebags may show! A healthy body shines during a photoshoot.

If time permits, you should get ready for the photoshoot at least one week in advance. Find time to exercise. Eat a balanced diet. Drink plenty of water. And watch yourself glow during the photoshoot. Because when you feel good, you automatically look good.

Have fun during your photoshoot!