3 Tips For Great Couple Photography

Couple shoots are all about the chemistry between the two of you. It can be between two lovers or best friends. The fact that you are having a shoot with this other person shows the importance he or she has in your heart. Lover or BFF, it really doesn’t matter. Just remember one keyword – enjoy!

We have come up with three simple tips for great couple photography. Read on…

Tip #1: Engage In Small Talk

The only difference between your couple time and this time is the fact that we, the photographer is around. Yes, it may appear awkward having a third party around while you are acting lovey-dovey. But do not worry. Just pretend we are not around. Relax by cracking a joke, gossip or plain simple small talk.

We want to capture simple, precious moments like these. When you open up, your entire body relaxes. And it shows on the photos you take thereafter.

Tip #2: Get Close

We are not suggesting that both of you have to kiss. Rather, we are actively suggesting that both of you get close. As a couple, you need to feel comfortable and confident around each other.

If you are a guy, it makes perfect sense to put your hand on her shoulder or hold her waist. As a lady, you can choose to lean your head on his shoulder.

Remember, this is your special moment…to be captured forever.

Because there is a high level of trust and possibly intimacy, you will be standing or posing within the breaths of each other. Your personal space will be close enough to possibly hear each other’s breaths.

Tip #3: Come Prepared

Since this is a mobile shoot at your preferred location, this is a technical non-issue. Yet many have asked us how to prepare themselves for the shoot. Getting into the mood as per Tip #1 above is the perfect starter. Discuss with your BFF or lover the colour of your outfits, accessories and style. From our experience, these are the three most critical factors that determine the success of any photoshoot.

For guys, if your girl is wearing a hot pink dress, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a jacket in the same colour. But you can always opt for a pink tie. It’s such subtle details that we are talking about. Tell the whole world you are a couple.

Of all the different types of shoots, couple shoots are just an amazing and magical journey between two special individuals. So just be yourselves and enjoy the process.